Online Lessons

Study online from anywhere with one-on-one lessons with a native speaking English teacher. Enjoy maximum convenience and flexibility. Study from your home, office, a coffee shop, on a business trip or even on vacation. 
One to One Lessons

Study privately one-on-one with a native speaking English teacher.
Enjoy the benefits of private study 100% focus attention on your learning needs.
Small Group Lessons

Study in a small group of 2-4 students, make new friends and enjoy learning together in a more casual environment. Small groups provide an excellent chance for more speaking practice, whilst still benefiting from a high level of teacher focus and attention.
Intensive Programs

Maximize your time and learning potential by taking an intensive program. These involve multiple lessons on a daily basis and benefit those who have specific learning requirements within a restricted timeframe.
In-Home Lessons

Study at your home. We can send a teacher directly to you. Save time, be comfortable, avoid traffic and bad weather.

In-Office Lessons

Study at your office. If you are too busy to come to us or just can't leave your office, we can send a teacher directly to you. These lessons suit one-to-one students and small groups of colleagues. 

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