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Our Story

After 10 years of teaching English in both Japan and Singapore, Native Hills was opened 2009 when its founders Mr. Michael Stones & Ms. Jacinta Regan, established the school in order to provide, high quality, tailored English lessons to students with a strong desire to improve their English communication skills and who want to learn in a school that puts its students first.

Michael is an Australian, who as well as having a long career as an English teacher in Asia at one of the industry leaders in Language training, also has a broad level of business experience in the finance industry and corporate recruitment.
Jacinta is also an Australian, with a long career in teaching English in Asia. She was formerly a head of instruction at two language schools in Tokyo, Japan and holds a Masters degree in education. 

Since its establishment Native Hills has been one of the preferred choices for students of varying backgrounds; from CEOs to housewives to  young children. The teaching staff at Native Hills are all carefully selected and trained to provide high quality, tailored English lessons.

Michael Stones

Co-founder of Native Hills

"Many people ask what is different about Native Hills, this is a very difficult question to answer, but if I had to say one thing that is different, I would say that it is the level of commitment we have to make every lesson a true learning experience and at the same time our genuine interest in developing real relationships with our students."

Jacinta Regan

Co-founder of Native Hills

"We want everyone who studies at Native Hills to enjoy their lessons, learn in every lesson and reach their true potential. Learning a language is long and challenging task, however it should always be enjoyable and students should always be aware of the  real progress that they are making."

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