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Premium Lessons - Premium Service

Native Hills Online is an extension of our physical school, located in Orchard Road Singapore. Lessons are conducted by the teachers at our school and all lessons have all the same characteristics of a face to face lesson in one of our classrooms. You can even study the usual course material. 

Our technology is very modern and because we are located in Singapore our internet connection is very fast and consistent. You know what that means - clear sound, crisp images and a smooth lesson. 
Our long history and professionalism ensure that your English lessons online include real feedback and corrections and that you will have an opportunity to improve all your English language skills. Listening, Speaking, Vocabulary, Grammar, Pronunciation in every lesson. This is NOT just a web chat with a friendly face. 

Even our booking system is done through our office. You will be communicating with  our real life customer service staff who will always respond when you need them. Your schedule is flexible so you can study when you want and at your own pace. ​

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321 Orchard Road #09-01, Singapore 238866

Tel. +65 6735 8330

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